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Michael Malone, Veteran, Founder and CEO of We2Link

March 6th, 2019

Michael Malone is a wounded veteran and the founder and CEO of We2Link, an application in development to help people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) more easily manage their everyday and participate more fully socially.  TBI affects not just veterans, but civilians worldwide, due to accidents, surgeries, etc.  Michael is part of a study on TBI at Walter Reed, and has an extensive network with the people affected by it, including the people with TBI and their caregivers and family members.  His network also includes the doctors, therapists and researchers who study TBI.  

Michael is currently working with a software developer to develop the App's features and is raising money for his company.  He spoke with 100 Entrepreneurs about his mission, the market, and the process he's going through to build his product and company.

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