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Lori Steenhoek, Founder of Capital Pixel, 3D Design, and Love Lori Michelle, Jewelry

May 9th, 2019

Lori Steenhoek, founder of Capital Pixel, a 3D Design firm, and Love Lori Michelle, a jewelry design firm, spoke with Amanda Weathersby, from 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation, about her businesses.  She studied architecture and became a 3D designer serving architectural and construction firms as well as individuals building new homes. She talks about building her business, including her referral network, pricing her work, and business development.  Last year she hired her first employee, and she talks about how she found the employee and what she was looking for - education vs. portfolio.  After years of rendering architectural drawings in a 3D world, Lori wanted another creative outlet, and started designing jewelry.  Her pieces are printed out of silver and gold on a 3D printer!

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