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Interview with Tammy Phipps and Josh Himan from Driver Rehabilitation Center of Excellence LLC (DRCE)

January 11th, 2017

Tammy Phipps, an Occupational Therapist in the US Army, developed a driver training and vehicle modification program at Walter Reed and was interested in expanding the program to all drivers after she retired from military service.  She met Josh Himan, a wounded Marine and business major, at Walter Reed.  Josh has a Masters in Science from George Washington in Finance and a Masters in Science from Johns Hopkins in Economics.  Together, with the help of a lawyer who was volunteering for the Red Cross at the hospital, they created the foundation of their new company, Driver Rehabilitation Center of Excellence LLC, or DRCE.  The business is capital intensive, with vehicles and space requirements, so the partners needed funding, and with an excellent business plan they brought in an angel investor.   In this podcast, Tammy and Josh talk about how they started their business, how they launched it with all the major local networks covering the launch, and their lessons learned.   

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