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Dennis Foutz, veteran, Travel Guru, and Franchisee

March 6th, 2018

Dennis Foutz, a veteran, business owner, Travel Guru, and franchisee spoke with 100 Entrepreneurs about his experience transitioning out of the military, after 20 plus years, and finding his next steps.  He started by looking at what he didn't want to do, then began to narrow his focus on what he wanted to do.  One of the positive experiences in the military was traveling.  So he became a franchisee of Cruise Planners, a company associated with American Exress, and created his own business, Travel Guru.  He talks about how he created and grew his business and his experience with a franchise.  Dennis says, from his experience, if you are break even in year one, and making money in year two, year three should see a significant increase in income from recurring customers and more relationships with potential customers.  

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