100 Entrepreneurs Lessons Learned

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Bob Nilsson, Founder of 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation

August 30th, 2017

Bob Nilsson is a Marine Corps veteran who was in Vietnam.  His next career was at Turner Construction.  He was president of Turner International when he retired.  After 9/11, he began visiting wounded veterans at Walter Reed hospital occasionally and ultimately commuted to spend time with them four or five days a week.  Bob realized they needed help finding the next steps in their careers.  As a result, he founded 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation and for the past decade has been providing wounded veterans and caregivers with monthly classes and lunches in Bethesda and at Ft. Belvoir to help them find their great idea.  100's of entrepreneurs and business experts have joined the participants to talk about their businesses, their industries and their lessons learned.  Veteran program leaders have joined us to talk about the opportunities they provide.  These include Dog Tag Bakery, Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, and Bunker Labs.  

In this Podcast, Bob talks about starting a nonprofit foundation and the 100 Entrepreneurs program.

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